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Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Toilet Bowl CleanersToilet bowl cleaners are specialty household cleaning products formulated for cleaning toilet bowls. Toilet cleaners are usually liquid solvents that contain strong cleaning agents to remove the toughest stains from the toilet bowl. These cleansers are meant to be applied to the outside surfaces of a toilet bowl and allowed to remain wet for about 10 minutes to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Now days toilet bowl cleaners are formulated to remove lime scale and rust, offer fragrance and superior cleaning, or simply disinfect the bowl. These cleaners prevent or remove stains, which is caused by the hard water and rust deposits and help in maintaining a clean and pleasant smelling bowl. Some cleaners also disinfect.
Toilet bowl cleaner have generally more active ingredients than any other household cleaning products. These products are usually formulated using water, additives, ammonia and chlorine bleach and their superior active ingredient formulation provides for exceptional cleaning power against rust stains as well as lime, magnesium, calcium and other minerals that are found in hard water. Both the regular and thick toilet bowl formulations eliminate and remove hard water stains on contact.

Toilet bowl cleaners play an essential role in our life and improve the hygiene and cleanliness by killing harmful germs and bacteria. The disinfecting formula of toilet bowl cleaners removes dirt and grime while killing bacteria and other germs. The powerful cleaning action of these cleaners removes stains while deodorizing the toilet with a clean and fresh scent.

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Mentioned below are some general tips to follow while cleaning the toilet

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