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Detergent Cake

Detergent CakeA detergent cake is generally an all-purpose laundry cleaning detergent that comes in the form of a cake. Easy and convenient to use, detergent cakes are generally meant for hand washing of all washable clothes and fabrics. Detergent cakes are one of the most popular and widely used detergent products for laundry cleaning.

Detergent cakes are generally formulated using one or more surfactants to improve their cleaning performance and make them good even for use in hard water conditions.

Detergent cakes are formulated using batch or continuous process of soap making. These cleansing products contain different ingredients that are used to improve their cleaning performance. The surfactant play an important role in improving the cleansing action of detergent by reducing the surface tension of wash liquid thereby improving the wettability of washable fabric.

Some of the important ingredients of detergent cakes include - surfactants, detergent builders, boosters, brightening agents, synthetic fragrances, colors, and more.

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