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Laundry Cleaning products

Laundry Cleaning productsLaundry cleaning products are detergents and surfactants formulated to meet a variety of stain and soil removal, bleaching, fabric softening and conditioning and disinfectant requirements under varying water, temperature, and usage conditions. These products are either general purpose or light duty cleaning agents suitable for washing all types of fabrics and clothes.

Laundry cleaning products come in various forms, such as detergents cakes, liquids, powders, gels, sticks, pumps, sprays, sheets and bars. Detergents cakes are typically general-purpose laundry cleansers that can be used all types of clothes and fabrics. Liquid detergents have found to be effective on oily soils and for pre treating stains and soils. Detergent powders are especially effective in lifting out and removing clay and ground-in dirt. Light duty detergents are used for hand or machine washing applications of lightly soiled and delicate fabrics.

Types of laundry Cleaning products
On the basis of form and usage, the laundry cleaning products can be categorized into following types -
The laundry cleaning products market also include various types of laundry cleaning aids that include fabric softeners, enzymes, conditioning agents, dry-cleaning fluids, brightening agents, and more. Laundry aids help and contribute to the cleaning action of laundry detergents and offer special functions and benefits.

A brief description of the different types of laundry cleaning aids is given below Types of laundry Cleaning products
Laundry Cleaning products - How they work?
Water, which is primarily used for cleaning, has a characteristic called as surface tension. Under the surface of water, every water molecule is surrounded and attracted by various other molecules. At the surface, however, these molecules are surrounded by only those water molecules, which are inside water. As the molecules at the surface of water are pulled inside the body of water, surface tension is created. This tension causes the water to bead up on surfaces and as a result of which wetting of surface and hence its cleaning performance slows down.

To achieve effective cleaning, the surface tension thus created should be reduced so as to make water spread and wet the surface. The laundry cleaning products are formulated using one or more surfactants to achieve effective cleaning. Surfactants in laundry cleaning products also impart some other important cleaning functions, such as loosening, emulsifying, and holding the soil in suspension until it can be rinsed away. Today, the surfactants used in detergents are made from various types of petrochemicals and oleochemicals.

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