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Mixer Machine

Mixer MachineMixing machines are equipment that are used in the soap manufacturing process to mix different materials used in soapmaking. A variety of soap mixing machines are available in the industry, which can be selected on the basis of requirement and the type of soap bar to be manufactured. A brief description of the different soap machines available in the market is given below :

Soap Mixer Machine
Soap mixer machines are important soap manufacturing equipment that are used to mix the different raw materials used in soapmaking. The machine can be used to mix a variety of additives with raw soap and produce hard paste form. Available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, weights and mixing capacities, the latest technology mixing machines are easy to use and operate and require minimum maintenance.

The modern day soap mixer machines are carefully designed to develop soap chips in a uniform texture with color and perfume. The mixing action is attained by using the specially shaped "Z" blades that are fitted on parallel shafts mounted with close clearance in a double 'U' shaped trough. With the help of blades, the mass is rolled; folded back and pushed down to join the separate layers. This action is repeated till the time the desired uniformity is obtained. The tilting arrangement in small unit is achieve through manual procedure and in larger units it is further incorporated with a gearbox and motor that are operated by electric control.
Sigma Mixer
Sigma MixerSigma mixer is a latest technology kneader/mixer, which is suitable for kneading and mixing of viscous fluids and semi­solids of medium and high-density ingredients. The equipment has found to be highly useful in the manufacturing of toilet soaps, detergent cakes, pigments, clay coating, food product, pharmaceuticals and various other products for different classes of soft and hard nature.

In the sigma mixer complete dispersion is attained through the most desirable combination of folding, stretching, kneading and tearing action. Mixing / Kneading is achieved by pressing the material against the trough wall. As the arms of mixer rotate, they tear the loose part of mass in the mixer and carrying to those parts to other portions of trough, thereby re-distributing the contents. After the completion of mixing, the discharge of the material can be carried out by various techniques, such as tilting the trough manually or automatically and bottom discharge by facilitating the bottom opening.

Multifunctional Mixing Machine
Multifunctional Mixing MachineMultifunctional mixing machines are those, which can be used to mix different raw materials, used in soap manufacturing with maximum efficiency. Based on latest technology, the machine has found uses in different manufacturing requirements and facilitates the better mixing and crushing of soap noodles thus the mixing is fast and homogenous.

Besides the soap manufacturing, multifunctional mixing machine has found uses in different other industrial applications, including -

Electrode slurry, ceramic slurry, magnetic material, electronic gooey, electronic component seal glue, silica gel printing ink, electronic dope, PVC plastic, thermoplastic, and other slurries.

Chemical Industry
In chemical industry, the multifunctional mixing machine is used for mixing of different types of seal glue, mucilage glue, synthetic resin rubber, silica oil, paint, dope, printing ink, abrasive, lube, waxen product, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, all kinds of powder stuff and ceramic paint.

Medicine Industry
The usage includes all kinds of medical ointment, macromolecule gel, capsule, syrup and tooth medicine.

Food Processing Industry
Food processing applications of multifunctional mixing machine include different kinds of mixture of mash and ointment, condiment, jam and chocolate jam.

Cosmetics and Commodities Industry
In cosmetics industry multifunctional mixing machine is used in the manufacturing of skin-care creams, facial mask, nail polish, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, eye black, lipstick, lotion, gel, face powder, body-cleaning lotion and face-cleaning cream.

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