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Centrifugal Pumps

Designed and formulated for high-volume, severe-duty applications, the centrifugal pumps are used in various manufacturing processes of soaps and detergents. These pumps offer unmatched reliability and performance in applications, such as unloading raw materials from barges, railcars and transports to raw material processing facilities. In these applications, the centrifugal pumps are used to transfer these feeder stocks to loading platforms, filler tanks and bottling operations, and throughout batch and continuous processes of soap and detergents manufacturers.

High in strength and low in maintenance, the centrifugal pumps are used in applications, such as moving oil based alcohols derived from animal fats and oils, such as - Petroleum based products, such as The centrifugal pumps are used throughout the manufacturing processes to move and transfer hard-to-seal products, which generally plague other centrifugal pumps with chronic seal failures, thereby causing unnecessary and expensive downtime and product loss. Designed around the seal where majority of the pump failures occurs, the centrifugal pumps have a larger, heavy-duty shaft and ball bearings. It means these pumps offer reliable and leak-free consistent flow with zero pulsation when moving additives, oils and fragrances, surfactants and builders to per-mixers and blenders, or from mixers to the bottling processes.

In the processes of batch soap making, the centrifugal pumps offer excellent performance in transferring sodium hydroxide, tallow and vegetable oils to and from bleach blenders and hot caustic alkali solutions from saponification kettles. Within the soap manufacturing processes, the centrifugal pumps ensure optimum uptime by providing reliable and leak-free transfer of brine, brine/sodium hydroxide and ferric chloride hydrochloric acids and solutions, ingredients, which generally challenge the seal integrity of other pumps.

In continuous processes, because of its seal integrity and rugged durability, the centrifugal pumps have become a preferred choice for transferring fatty acids from the hydrolyser to flash tanks and hot water to the hydrolyser.

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